Author: Ian Morgan

Date: 16/05/2018

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-Top Five Horrors of the Last Ten Years-

Horror films have a bad reputation. You don't get Horror films winning Oscars, Emmys or even Golden Globes. They are a slave to troupes and are often completely devoid of any originality. That being said, I love the genre, and enjoy the remakes and even films that may as well be remakes, such is their lack of any original elements.

Due to just how many poor Horror films there are, and that Hollywood enjoys spewing out one a month given their relative low budget, and of course around six every Halloween just because of...capitalism, it becomes all the more powerful when a good Horror is released. Think of the hysteria around the original Blair Witch or more recently, the fanfare around the new Blair Witch...ah shit, maybe they have run out of ideas.

Behold, our Top Five Horror Films of the Last Ten Years:

5) Martyrs (2008)
A French horror with scenes that will shock you and imagery that will stick in your head for months, whether you want it to or not. It is intelligent, entertaining, terrifying and has ultra sleek production. Subtitled films aren't for everyone, but this is definitely worth your time.

4) Cabin in the Woods (2012)
The directorial debut of Andrew Goddard, the writer of Cloverfield and the screenplays for The Martian and World War Z, is not without the standard troupes endemic in many Horrors. It starts with a group of college students who go to a remote forest location for some time away from their hectic lives being beautiful (one of them is Thor for fuck sake!). However, there after it becomes intelligent and incredibly good fun. If you are in the UK, it is also on Netflix now.

3) Raw (2016)
The second French film on the list proves that the genre is alive and well away from Hollywood. Indeed, another couple of "foreign" films also narrowly missed out on the list. Raw quickly descends into brutal scenes of barbarism, expertly acted by the young leads. It challenges taboo and its blatant sexual and violent imagery really makes the viewer squirm.

2) Green Room (2015)
Punk rock, teens trapped in a remote rural Portland location and Sir Patrick Stewart as the head of a gang of Neo Nazis. You shouldn't need to read any more. Watch Green Room.

1) Get Out (2017)
Every so often films come along at exactly the right time, perfectly encapsulating the political climate in two hours of flawless social commentary. Get Out is the film that does that for this Brexit, Donald Trump, May-Bot shit show of an era. It would be a brilliant film regardless of the release date, because it is well written, skilfully acted and expertly directed, but given the cluster fuck it was released into, it propels it to being an almost perfect film. Enjoy!

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