Author: Ian Morgan

Date: 17/06/2018

Read Time: 3-4 minutes, 392 words

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-Let's Play Capitalism-

This week I decided that I would write a poem. On reflection, I am awful at poetry and I am clearly working at a very rudimentary level. However, I did find it a fun experience. I accept I am a slave to rhyming, which I know is not a prerequisite for any passage to be considered a poem, but I just love the way that the flow works when the end of the lines rhyme. So, whilst I accept any criticism that is coming my way, I never claimed to be a poet.

I recently bought a house, amidst every one saying things like, "rent is just paying someone else's mortgage", "rent is wasted money" etc. I can't help but think this is the propaganda of banks wanting to lock you in to a £200,000 debt that they will hold over you, creaming interest off for 25 years. Anyway, enjoy.

Enslaved by your debt as they gamble away
Every time that they lose, you're forced to pay
Privatising the profits, socialising the losses
They don't care about your Quran or your crosses

Pennies in the pound, cents in the dollar
Your house is worth considerably less than you borrow
You're caught in a trap, a rat in a cage
Ever growing numbers on a bank ledger page

Nothing will change, let's play capitalism
The rich avoid taxes as the poor go to prison
Politicians don't care, they've been all paid up
Trained up in Eton then churned out corrupt

All hail capitalism, a wonderful game
Where profits are made on someone else's pain
We enjoy our fruit, smart phones and cheap clothes
As children lose their sight, their fingers, their toes

A dollar figure is placed upon you from birth
Your single job is to consume in your time on this earth
Never stop spending, dive into the red
Your estate will be taxed as soon as you're dead

Yes capitalism, the sweatshop is our church
Buy with one click, there is no need to search
Keep filling the basket, pretend we're not lost
And try never to think of the human cost

Let's play capitalism, only the weak lose
Compassion or wealth, which do you choose?
Murdoch's media will lie, as we swallow it down
Being angry and scared, and not notice as we drown

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