About the Authors

Some information about our contributors and their motivations, backgrounds and beliefs.

Siobhan Lumsden

Hello, 你好! My name is Siobhan Lumsden and I am a freelance voice actor, as well as a writer, a storyteller, a dreamer and most recently, a vegan! Scotland is my home, but I currently live in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s funny, I actually lived here exactly ten years ago and I never imagined that a whole decade later life would bring me back here. But that’s how life goes. It’s all about circles and timing and fate. At least that’s what I believe anyway. In between that first stint in South Africa and this stint, I spent almost eight years navigating the crazy, beautiful chaos that is China (with a year in Taiwan <3 and a few months in Hong Kong too). I love China so much. The language, the landscapes, the people, the culture, the food, but most of all the absolute adventures that can be had in that land. It is a constant source of inspiration for me, and it’s something I frequently dream about and write about. I also love reading probably more than I love anything else in the whole wide world. If I could while away my days inhaling books, I would be quite happy.

Ian Morgan

Lovingly brewed using the finest, locally sourced, hand reared ingredients. This premium-crafted hybrid has been tenderly created in a small batch and embodies strong opinions that starkly contrast a soft, delicate ego. The result: a walking contradiction, with bravado and bluster belligerently battling against fragility and forlorn. A palate challenging, taste sensation, that you don't want to miss.

Semi nude and partially intoxicated, I have written one full novel and I am currently topless, oiled up and wrestling with the second one. Alongside this, I have written a number of short stories and plan to write some articles, opinion pieces and general rambles for this blog.

My writing is influenced by a myriad of significantly more talented authors each of whom make me want to immediately set fire to all of my work on completion of one of their novels. Equally I find influence in the madness of the modern world, in travel and in the people I meet. I love music, rum and animals, all of which give me hope and influence my writing, whilst simultaneously helping me ignore the misery, so prevalent in the world.

A bleeding heart liberal, who believes that the left have failed spectacularly in recent times, and continue to do so, I find myself rubber necking like someone driving by a car crash at the world we live in as it spirals in more bizarre and fantastic loops toward our inevitable fiery death. Strap in everybody. We may as well enjoy the ride.

Ian Stewart

I’m a thirty-something, aspiring writer, based on the East coast of Scotland. My creative writing started out in the form of script writing. Throughout my teenage years, I would write dozens of scenes and short films, inspired by films such as the Evil Dead and stories by H.P Lovecraft. It was the mixture of horror, comedy and bleak alternative worlds that caught my attention. With the passing of time, my storytelling has become more focused on real life situations. I like to tell the hard luck stories about the weirdos, down and outs, and people who do life the hard way. Although not as prevalent, the undertones of horror and comedy remain a feature of my writing. Currently, I am completing a manuscript for a novella. Set in the fictional town of Muckross, the reader is shown a multi-view perspective of life in a town filled with poverty and addiction. It surrounds the events of an attempted robbery. These stories are told through the eyes of several characters, ranging from an elderly insomniac, a charitable bar owner, a teenage girl addicted to pain killers and an alcoholic.

In my early twenties, I achieved moderate success as a musician. That time of my life moulded me into the person I am today. This helped me on my way to developing my own style of writing. I guess it was my coming-of-age moment, but it wasn’t exactly the uplifting experience it can so often be portrayed to be.

However, I had made enough memories to last a lifetime, but I guess I forgot most of them. The ones I still remember mean a lot to me, even the ones that were horrific at the time. I’m now wondering if it was a coming-of-age moment, or just the place where my youth died? I can’t decide. But, I know that it was all necessary and part of the plan. All the bullshit that followed was too. All of it has now become fuel for my writing. It was a time where I felt like I was standing in the middle of the vortex. I was surrounded by all the alcohol, drugs, sex, laughter, anger, breakdowns, rock n’ roll, and insanity that world had to offer. And I saw it all. Everything you’ve ever heard about the music industry is true. I was a spectator, unaware that I was willingly viewing the youth we were losing, and I laughed until I became sick. Now, it’s all nothing more than distant memories and a few scattered pages stained with ink and alcohol. But I’m happy to be here, and I hope you are too.